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A 29 de Agosto de 1966, os Beatles deram o seu último concerto, que tomou lugar em S. Francisco. Assim sendo, a rubrica “Tema a tema” de hoje dedica-se ao mundo da música.

The Beatles gave their last concert in San Francisco in August 29th 1966. Today, the rubric “Theme by theme” is dedicated to Music!

The Beatles, Rob Spitz

the beatles biographyResultado de quase uma década de pesquisa e centenas de entrevistas inéditas, somadas à descoberta de inúmeros documentos nunca antes revelados, The Beatles, de Bob Spitz, é a biografia mais completa já escrita sobre a vida e a obra do quarteto fantástico de Liverpool. É o livro por que todos os fãs esperavam: um relato abrangente, completo, tão brilhante, divertido e revelador como um disco dos próprios Beatles.

Even before the Beatles hit the big time, a myth was created. This version of the Beatles legend smoothed the rough edges and filled in the fault lines, and for more than forty years this manicured version of the Beatles story has sustained as truth – until now. The product of almost a decade of research, hundreds of unprecedented interviews, and the discovery of scores of never-before-revealed documents, Bob Spitz’s The Beatles is the biography fans have been waiting for — a vast, complete account as brilliant and joyous and revelatory as a Beatles record itself. Spitz begins in Liverpool, a hard city knocked on its heels. In the housing projects and school playgrounds, four boys would discover themselves — and via late-night radio broadcasts, a new form of music called rock ‘n roll.

Never before has a biography of musicians been so immersive and textured. Spitz takes us down Penny Lane and to Strawberry Field (John later added the s), to Hamburg, Germany, where — amid the squalor and the violence and the pep pills — the Beatles truly became the Beatles. We are there in the McCartney living room when Paul and John learn to write songs together; in the heat of Liverpool’s Cavern Club, where jazz has been the norm before the Beatles show up; backstage the night Ringo takes over on drums; in seedy German strip clubs where George lies about his age so the band can perform; on the lonely tours through frigid Scottish towns before the breakthrough; at Abbey Road Studios, where a young producer named George Martin takes them under his wing; at the Ed Sullivan Show as America discovers the joy and the madness; and onward and upward: up the charts, from Shea to San Francisco, through the London night, on to India, through marmalade skies, across the universe…all the way to a rooftop concert and one last moment of laughter and music.

Break in through: the life and death of Jim Morrison*, James Ryordan

james morrison biographyFrom Jim Morrison’s early family life to the intellectual foundations of his music and his wild days with The Doors, the authors provide an insightful look at a rock legend whose cult following never stops growing. With dozens of rarely published photos, this is the authoritative portrait of the man and his career. 52 black-and-white photos.



The Creation Records story*, David Cavanagh

creation records storyCritically acclaimed as one of the best music books of all time, this is the true, inside story of Creation Records – and of the the last twenty years of British music. Late in 1999, Alan McGee announced that he was to sell his record label – Creation Records. The decision brought to an end an extraordinary chapter in British rock history. The Creation Records Story is in equal parts black comedy, tragedy, farce and urban myth, laced with large, large helpings of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. It’s the tale of how a Scottish train driver left his job in 1980 and moved to London to start a record label. Since then he has developed – and shaken – a spectular drug habit, suffered a nervous breakdown, become a millionaire and, famously, visited 10 Downing Street. He’s also, more importantly, discovered and nutured fantastical, iconic rock bands…such as Oasis and Primal Scream.David Cavanagh is the UK’s most respected music journalist, and this book is a must for anyone interested in the music industry over the last two decades.

The complete idiot’s guide to music history*, Michael Miller

guide to music historyMusic history is a required course for all music students. Unfortunately, the typical music history book is dry and academic, focusing on rote memorization of important composers and works. This leads many to think that the topic is boring, but bestselling author Michael Miller proves that isn’t so. This guide makes music history interesting and fun, for both music students and older music lovers.


The musician’s daughter*, Susanne Dunlap

the musician's daughterAmid the glamour of Prince Nicholas Esterhazy’s court in 18th-century Vienna, murder is afoot. Or so fifteen-year-old Theresa Maria is convinced when her musician father turns up dead on Christmas Eve, his valuable violin missing, and the only clue to his death a strange gold pendant around his neck. Then her father’s mentor, the acclaimed composer Franz Joseph Haydn, helps her through a difficult time by making her his copyist and giving her insight in to her father’s secret life. It’s there that Theresa begins to uncover a trail of blackmail and extortion, even as she discovers honor—and the possibility of a first, tentative love. Thrumming with the weeping strains of violins, as well as danger and deception, this is an engrossing tale of murder, romance, and music that readers will find hard to forget.

History anthology of music*, Willi Apel and Archibald T. Davidson

Anthology of musicThis great anthology of music literature makes available to all music lovers a wonderful storehouse of hitherto inaccessible treasure. The volume includes the development of Oriental, Medieval, and Renaissance music from the beginning to 1600. Its more than 200 representative examples are individually complete compositions, each of sufficient length to illustrate clearly a form or style. The authors provide an explanatory commentary with bibliography, English translations of foreign texts, and an index. The “Library Journal” says of it, “in short, Volume 1 of the music historian’s classic dreams…No competitors on the market. Highly recommended.

Jazz cosmopolitanism in Accra: Five musical years in Ghana*, Michael Feld

Jazz cosmopolitanismIn this remarkable book, Steven Feld, pioneer of the anthropology of sound, listens to the vernacular cosmopolitanism of jazz players in Ghana. Some have traveled widely, played with American jazz greats, and blended the innovations of John Coltrane with local instruments and worldviews. Combining memoir, biography, ethnography, and history, Feld conveys a diasporic intimacy and dialogue that contests American nationalist and Afrocentric narratives of jazz history. His stories of Accra’s jazz cosmopolitanism feature Ghanaba/Guy Warren (1923–2008), the eccentric drummer who befriended the likes of Charlie Parker, Max Roach, and Thelonious Monk in the United States in the 1950s, only to return, embittered, to Ghana, where he became the country’s leading experimentalist. Others whose stories figure prominently are Nii Noi Nortey, who fuses the legacies of the black avant-gardes of the 1960s and 1970s with pan-African philosophy in sculptural shrines to Coltrane and musical improvisations inspired by his work; the percussionist Nii Otoo Annan, a traditional master inspired by Coltrane’s drummers Elvin Jones and Rashied Ali; and a union of Accra truck and minibus drivers whose squeeze-bulb honk-horn music for drivers’ funerals recalls the jazz funerals of New Orleans.

* Não disponível edição em português* Portuguese edition not available

Música * Music

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O homem que não tem a música dentro de si e que não se emociona com um concerto de doces acordes é capaz de traições, de conjuras e de rapinas.

The man that hath no music in himself, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

William Shakespeare